Global Hunting Safaris is a full-service hunting broker specializing in International Hunting safaris. We specialize in high-quality international hunting safaris with first-rate outfitters. We have personally visited and hunted with the majority of these outfitters. In the rare case where we have not yet hunted with the outfitter, we have carefully vetted the outfitter through the past experiences of our clients, by talking with many of the outfitter’s recent clients and through our vast network of connections in the outfitter community. 

Global Hunting Safaris was formed due to the requests of the customers of Discount African Hunts asking for the same quality hunting experiences that they received in Africa but on other continents around the globe. Discount African Hunts was booking clients on other continents, but a decision was made in February of 2022 to split the offerings between Africa and everywhere else.

Global Hunting Safaris is managed by John Martins of Palm Harbor, Florida. John also manages the successful Discount African Hunts booking agency. John is a lifelong hunter, has hunted five continents, and has taken over 100 of the world’s trophy species. John has taken four of Africa’s big five species. He is a member of the NRA, Dallas Safari Club, Safari Club International, and the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa. Having taken over 40 international safaris in the last ten years alone, John is well-versed regarding the ins and outs of hunting around the globe. You are in well-experienced hands when you book your safari of a lifetime with Global Hunting Safaris!


Alpine Chamois shot in New ZealandRed Stag shot in New Zealand


3 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Safari with Global Hunting Safaris

  1. I have been on more than 40 international safaris in the last 10 years.  When you book with Global Hunting Safaris, you are booking with an agent that has been there and done that!  I have personally hunted with many of the outfitters that are offering world-class safaris on this website. In addition to having hunted the continent of Africa, I have also hunted the South Pacific, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia While on these fabulous safaris, I have also extensively toured many of the must-see locations that will turn your safari into a memorable trip of a lifetime. From guided tours to renting a car and driving after your hunt, we are able to advise you on the best way to structure your safari. I want you to have the best trip ever and refer your hunting pals and friends to me so that I may also help them discover the wonderful world of Global Hunting Safaris!
  2. When you book with Global Hunting Safaris, you will be dealing with an American that lives in America. I book hunts full-time for a living. No part-timers trying to lessen the costs of their own hunts. You will have someone that has traveled the globe experiencing all of the uncertainties that travelers to a strange land go through. I will be able to prepare you for what to expect from the time you reach the airport until you set foot back in your home country.
  3. We don’t just book hunts to make money. We love what we do and our goal is for every hunting safari to be a trip you will remember. We care about your hunting experience and want to book you with an outfitter that will do his best to provide you with the best experience possible.

Look over our hunts. Sign up for our newsletter. Let us know which types of global hunting safaris you are interested in and we will let you be one of the first to know when an outfitter makes one of these hunts available.  Visit our website often, as new content will be added regularly!

And most importantly of all, when you are ready to book your dream safari, call us at 727-424-0840. 

Good Hunting!   John Martins