Discounted Hunt for Balearean Boc

Rifle - Bow and Arrow ONLY $5,990 USD

2024 / 2025

Discounted Hunt for Balearean Boc 

1 X 1 $5,990 *


  • 2 Full Hunting Days in Spain
  • Representative Balearean Boc Trophy Fee
  • R/T Road Transportation from Palma (PMI)
  • Field Preparation of Trophies
  • 3 Nights of Lodging and Food
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Trophy Transportation to Local Taxidermist
  • Cell and Internet Service in Camp
  • Caping your Trophy
  • Hunting License

​* Price subject to change in the peak tourist season (Mid-June to mid-October) when accommodation costs rise dramatically.



  • Dip and Pack
  • Crating and Shipping of Trophies
  • Taxidermy 
  • Airfare to and from Spain
  • Gratuities
  • Observers @ $250 / Day
  • Tours / Additional Nights Lodging
  • Trophy Upgrades
    • ​Bronze Medal (50" t0 55 7/8" SCI) +1,000
    • Silver Medal (56" to 61 2/8" SCI) + $2,000
    • Gold Medal (61 3/8 " SCI) + $3,000

Rifle rental is $100 / trip including ammo.


Add additional Touring Days for $650 / Day (includes food, lodging, observer and guide)

Visit the island of Mallorca to bag your trophy Balearean Boc! High-quality accommodations, gourmet dishes, great wines, and breathtaking views await you on this hunt. At this price, you’ll get a bronze Balearean Boc with the option to upgrade to either a silver or gold medal trophy.

About the Balearean Boc

The Balearean Boc, also known as the Mallorcan wild goat, is the only huntable species on the island of Mallorca. The species was originally introduced to the island around 2000 B.C. by the Phoenicians to use as a renewable food source. The island of Mallorca is the only place in the world where the Balearean Boc can be hunted. Males weigh between 100 and 130 pounds and have horns that point backward and go into a gentle spiral. Their coats are a reddish brown with a black stripe that runs from their back down through their shoulders. These animals are skittish and will flee at the first sign of danger. They are known to run uphill and up cliffsides to avoid danger and attempt to escape. This makes them a prized and coveted trophy for hunters around the world.

You can expect your trophy to be a bronze medal goat scoring between SCI 50 to 54 inches. If you choose, you can upgrade to a silver medal that will score SCI 55 to 61 inches for $1,500 more. Gold medals are also available, and they will score SCI 61+ points and are a $2,500 upcharge over bronze.

Balearean Boc Hunting Area and Terrain

The hunting area for the Balearean Boc covers a large swatch of hilly terrain and some rocky cliffs and mountains on the island of Mallorca. There are pine forests and Mediterranean bushes that cover this area. It borders the Mediterranean Sea, so as you hike the hunting area you will be able to overlook the sea and experience the gorgeous views. Good physical condition is highly recommended to be able to traverse the rolling hills and rocky terrain, although this outfitter will be able to accommodate hunters in nearly any physical condition as long as their shooting skills are accurate and well-tuned. 

Balearean Boc Hunting Season

The hunting season for the Balearean Boc is open year-round. Spring and fall are excellent periods for those who want to combine hunting and tourism. Summer is hot and the island is busy with tourists.  

About the Outfitter

This outfitter outfits internationally and has a wealth of experience guiding hunters all over the world. They specialize in hunting in Spain and guide hunters for each recreational game species that Spain has to offer. Their base of operations is in Spain, so you can be assured they will be able to cater to you the best hunt possible. They are highly successful in all their hunts and are dedicated to your satisfaction during your trip with them. They believe in a winning combination of luxury accommodations, great food and wines, reliable logistics, and above all experienced and passionate English-speaking guides. For this Balearean Boc hunt, they have a 100% success rate and consistently produce excellent quality trophies. 

Balearean Boc Hunt Lodge and Accommodations

This outfitter utilizes a small high-quality 4-star hotel nestled in the mountains near the hunting area. It has a small pool and a quaint Spanish feel.

The food served here is extremely good and is typical Spanish cuisine. The lodge itself is very comfortable and upscale. High-quality beer, wine, and spirits are all included at the bar. There is cell and internet service while at the hotel. 

Extending your Stay with Touring

The island of Mallorca is a highly sought-after tourist destination for travelers worldwide. The island is rich in history, with many places to visit and explore. It is possible to add additional touring days to your hunt for $650 a day. Paid tickets for admission to museums, works of architecture, or other pay-to-enter places are not covered by this daily fee. Below is a list of some of the things to do and places to visit on the island.

  • Visiting the city of Palma, the capital of the island. It is a small, cozy town that faces the Mediterranean. It is known for its Catherdral and Muslim Palace, and its old town district is one of the oldest in Europe. Wandering these medieval streets and seeing the history held within them is fascinating! 
  • The city of Soller is an isolated town on the North coast of the island known for its pure Mallorcan lifestyle. There is a train linking Palma and Soller, and the town's traditional cuisine of local fish and prawns is one of its biggest draws!
  • Valldemossa is a small village located in the mountains and is completely built in stone. Located in the Tramuntana Mountain range, it is famous for being the home of Frederic Chopin during one of the periods of his life and is now home to an array of modern celebrities. 
  • Along all the coastlines there are sandy beaches and secret caves which are perfect for enjoying a secluded bath in the Mediterranean! The busy season on the island is summer, so the dates of this hunt should line up perfectly to ensure the island is not too crowded.

A Typical Day Hunting Balearean Boc

A typical day hunting Balearean Boc can change quite a bit depending on the weather and other factors, but it will usually start early in the morning. You and your guide will have a light breakfast and discuss the hunting strategy for the day. You’ll head out to the hunting grounds just as the sun is rising to get a good jump on the Boc. Once there, you and your guide will start covering the ground both on foot and by car looking for the perfect trophy. You’ll be using binoculars to spot the best animal, glassing up and down the cliff sides in search of the right Balorean Bok.

Once you and your guide agree on shooter goat, the stalk is on! You both will hike to get closer to him on foot. The goal is to get the right shooting angle combined with the shortest shooting distance. A close stalk is almost always the preferred method, as the mountain winds can easily throw your bullet off-course from a longer range, resulting in a wounded animal or even a total miss. Once you’re within a comfortable shooting distance, it’s time to set up in the shooting position most comfortable to you. From there, line up your sights, and take your shot! Your average shooting distance can be expected around 100-300 yards. 

Trophy Care and Shipping

After your trophy is downed and located, it will be field-dressed and packed out. Once out of the mountains and back at the lodge, the cape will be skinned and packed in salt. It will then be delivered to a licensed taxidermist within the week. If you will be mounting it there, the taxidermist will start mounting it immediately. If you choose to have it mounted elsewhere, it will just go there for dip and pack before being sent out to the taxidermist of your choosing.

Rental Rifles:

  • Steyr Mannlicher 7RM with Vortex 5x25x50.
  • Tikka T3x 30.06 with Steiner 3x12x56.

If bringing your own rifle, the outfitter recommends anything from .308 to .300 Win Mag. All 6.5 calibers are suitable as well for this hunt. All ammo should be soft bullets.

Getting There

You will first fly into Palma International Airport (PMI). Once there, the outfitter will meet you at reception and begin gun clearance. From there, it is a 45-minute trip by road to the hunting area and where you’ll be staying.

Deposit and Payment Policy

A 50% deposit of $2,995 is due to book this hunt for Balearean Boc. The remaining 50% must be paid upon arrival in Palma in euros cash or the package balance may be paid through the booking agent before departure. Upgraded trophy fees and any extras are all due at the end of the hunt in euro cash. This outfitter does not accept credit cards.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable. Dates can be rescheduled only at the outfitter's discretion. Upon any rescheduling, a $150 rescheduling fee is to be paid directly to the booking agent.

EXCLUSIONS: Airfare, Taxidermy, Dip and Pack, Shipping of Trophies, Insurance, Gratuities, Rifle Rental

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