Our Sponsors

TWG Travel is an agency that specializes in travel for sportsmen traveling the globe in pursuit of their outdoor passions. Their staff knows every detail of international regulations when it comes to transporting firearms to a hunting destination.

HuntingTrophy.com, a division of Coppersmith Global Logistics, is dedicated to assisting hunters with importing their trophies from around the globe.  They have been helping hunters with this process since 1995.  Whether you are a seasoned hunter or are planning your first international trip, HuntingTrophy.com is there to answer your questions and assist you from any of their 9 offices nationwide.

Reflections of the Wild Taxidermy is based in Maryland. For hunters based in the Northeast, this is the taxidermist that has the best quality at a good price that I have found in the US. I personally use them to mount most of my imported and domestic trophies. You won’t be disappointed in the quality!