Discounted Water Buffalo Hunt in Australia

Rifle - Bow - Crossbow Only $12,000

2023 / 2024

Discounted Buffalo Hunt in Australia

1 X 1 $12,000 All-in!

2X1 $10,500 All-in!


  • 5 Full Hunting Days
  • 6 Nights of Lodging
  • Trophy Fee for 1 Water Buffalo Bull
  • Food, Beverages, Guide, Vehicle
  • Beer and Wine



  • R/T Ground Transport from Darwin ($500 up to 4 people))
  • NW Territory Visitor Permit ($250)
  • Hard Liquor
  • Trophy Expediting / Taxidermy / Shipping
  • Airfare (Charter not required)
  • Rifle Rental and Ammo ($250)


Add an observer for $250 / Day


Add Rusa Deer Hunting Days - $650 / Day


This is a great hunt for Australian water buffalo in the Northwest Territory of Australia. This outfitter has a nice camp on a 1,500 sq. km. area that he has exclusively hunted for 35 years. The area produces some big trophy buffalo and Banteng. Rusa Deer are an option that can be added to the end of this hunt.


The Water Buffalo Hunting Area

This hunt will take place Near Mary River Station in Australia’s Northern Territory. The hunt will take place on an exclusive 1,500 sq. km. area that the outfitter has hunted for over 3 decades. The area consistently produces trophy buffalo over 100 inches. The terrain is open savanna with bushes, trees, and flood plains.

Link to Australian Water buffalo Location map


The Water Buffalo Hunting Seasons

The hunting season in this area is From May – September. That means the middle of the season is during the winter. The lows will range from 65° – 71° and the highs from 90°-97°. May averages 80° during the day and September around 100°degrees. There will be minimal precipitation during this time.

The Australian Water Buffalo Hunting

Both buffalo and banteng are hunted by doing a lot of scouting and glassing and checking out water hot spots until a suitable bull is found. The outfitter targets buffalo that are 100”+. The average over the years has been 104”. In 2019 the average was 106: and in 2020 was 109”. Many larger buffalo are taken.

Giant trophy water buffalo in AustraliaNice trophy water buffalo in Australia

The Banteng range from 68” to 74” and the area has some of the world’s best Banteng. This 600,000-acre free-ranging property has the largest privately owned herd of Banteng in the world.

Other species that are available are Wild boars and Dingos.

Rusa Deer Extensions

If you want to hunt Rusa deer, that hunting takes place out of another camp. The cost to extend your hunt for 2-3 days is $650 per day not including the Rusa deer trophy fee. The outfitter’s Rusa Deer area produces some exceptional Rusa deer trophies.

The Australian Water Buffalo Hunting Camp

The camp consists of 3 cabins that each have two comfortable beds in them. The camp can accommodate a maximum of 6 hunters at a time. The camp is solar-powered and features a hot water shower, a flushing toilet, and washing facilities. The food will be good.

Water Buffalo cabin in AustraliaDining table at water buffalo camp

There is internet available in camp but there is no cell service. Bring a satellite phone if you must have phone service.

Travel Information

You must book your commercial flights to Darwin in the NW Territory. You will need to overnight at the Quality Inn in Darwin and the outfitter will pick you up there the next morning. It is a 3-hour drive to the camp. No expensive charter flights are required on this hunt!

There is a $500 (up to 4 people) charge for R/T airport transportation.

US citizens will need to apply for a Visa to enter Australia!

NOTE: If you are bringing firearms with you, you must enter Australia through Brisbane or Sydney. Darwin does not offer gun import services, so flying from Singapore will not work unless you are renting rifles.

Also, Australia has a strict Visa policy in regards to criminal records and it may take up to 11-12 months to get a visa if you have a criminal record. Australia is a member of the Five Eyes group and shares criminal records with Canada, the US, the UK, and New Zealand. Getting a visa is a simple process if you do not have a criminal record, and can be applied for online and is issued quickly.

Firearm Rentals

The outfitter has rental rifles available in .375 caliber and .300 caliber. Rifle Rental is $250 total including ammo.

Trophy Care

The outfitter will skin, fumigate and salt your trophies and skulls to prepare them for shipment to the expediter in Queensland. All trophies are shipped at one time at the end of the season. The expediter ships raw trophies only.

This is a fabulous hunt conducted by an outfitter that has operated in this free-range area for over 30 years. They will strive to make this hunt memorable and will seek the biggest trophies possible for you!

Deposit and Cancelation Policy

Deposits are 30%. The balance is due at the end of the hunt by cash or prewire. No credit cards or checks are accepted. Deposits are non-refundable and safaris can only be rescheduled at the outfitter’s discretion. Trip insurance can be purchased to cover unforeseen circumstances.

Exclusions: Airfare, R/T Road Transfer ($500 up to 4), NW Territory Visitors Permit ($250), Rifle Rental and Ammo ($250), Spirits, Expediting and International Shipping of Trophies, Taxidermy

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