Hunt Beceite Ibex in Spain

Rifle Only 1x1 up to Bronze Medal Only $9,000

2024 / 2025

Beceite Ibex Hunting Package

Beceite Ibex Package Includes:

  • 3 Full Hunting Days
  • 2 Travel Days
  • 4 Nights of Lodging
  • 1 - Minimum Bronze Medal Beceite Ibex Trophy Fee
  • All Licenses and Permits
  • VAT on the Entire Package
  • Guide and Hunt Vehicle
  • R/T Road Transportation from Madrid
  • All Food and Beverages
  • Field Prep of Trophies
  • Delivery of Trophies to Local Dip & Pack Agent

Add an Observer for $250 / Day

Add Hunting Days for $500 /Day

Rifle Rental $60 / Day


Beceite Ibex up to Bronze  $9,000 (SCI 69 1/8” – 75 2/8”)

Beceite Ibex Silver (SCI 75 3/8” – 80”) Add $2,500 over Bronze

Beceite Ibex Gold (SCI 80 1/8”+) Add $4,500 over Bronze**

** (+ $400 per additional inch above 82")

This is not your run-of-the-mill Spanish ibex hunt.  I have taken the complicated escalating trophy fee structure commonly used in Spain to price ibex and simplified it to where the average hunter can determine what a medal-level ibex hunt will cost. Until you exceed the gold medal minimum level, there are no by-the-inch or by-the-CIC point charges. You just pay a simple upgrade fee per medal level and can shoot any ibex that falls in that range. Who wants to try to turn your mind into a calculator when you are looking at a trophy that you have dreamed about hunting for years? And with all-inclusive pricing, this is the most logical and affordable way to book a trophy ibex hunt in Spain!

The Beceite Ibex

The Beceite ibex is endemic to Spain and is one of the most sought-after trophies. It is usually at the top of the list for first-time hunters in Spain. The Beceite ibex is the largest and darkest of the Spanish Ibex species. Normally the horns are straighter than the Gredos ibex and have a spiral twist of less than 180°. The horn length generally remains constant for the first half of the length and then decreases toward the tip.

The Beceite Ibex Hunting Seasons in Spain

From 1 November to 20 December (RUT)  Also March, April, and 1/2 May (Spring Season)

BEST TIME: 1 November - 20 December

The Beceite Ibex Hunting Area

Beceite Ibex are found in the Beceite and Tortosa Mountains of Eastern Spain. This hunt will take place in the mountains of northeastern Spain and the nearest town is Teruel.

Map of Becite Ibex hunting locations in Spain

The hunting areas cover a vast extension of mountains, cliffs, and deep creeks, but there is a good grid of dirt roads over most of the hunting grounds. A vehicle will be used to provide convenient access to many of the hunting areas.

The Beceite Ibex Hunting Methods

Hunting Beceite ibex is a typical mountain hunt where the hunter covers the ground by vehicle and on foot. The vehicle will access various areas where you will get out and glass for a trophy ibex. A typical hunting day will begin by driving up in the mountains and then getting out and glassing for ibex. The terrain is very mountainous, and this hunt will require some walking and even more glassing. Once a trophy ibex is located, a stalking plan will be made to get you into a shooting position to take your ibex. Due to the mountainous terrain, you can expect to take shots of up to 300 yards.

Large Trophy Becite IbexHuge Becite Ibex Trophy

Hunting Beceite Ibex can be challenging, especially when looking for gold medal-level Ibex. To hunt for trophies, the hunter must be physically ready to walk in the mountains for significant distances. However, the hunting area is very diverse and the outfitter can accommodate hunters that are not in good physical condition as long as they have good shooting skills.

The Beceite Ibex Hunting Lodge

During your hunt for a Beceite ibex, you will stay in a small 5-star hotel set in a spectacular setting at the base of the mountains. The lodge has permanent power and all bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms. Internet and cell phone service is available at the lodge.

Becite Hotel BedroomBecite Hunt Hotel Seating Area

Guests are accommodated in luxury rooms. The lodge features a pool and has excellent food service. This is a great accommodation to take your spouse with you while on a Spanish ibex hunt.

Getting To the Beceite Hunting Area

Hunters will fly into Madrid and will be driven for 3.5 hours directly to the lodge.

Deposit Policy

The deposit to book this hunt and reserve dates is 50% of the package and any observers. The balance of the hunting package is due upon arrival in cash or by prepaying the booking agent before departing camp. Upgrades are due in cash at the end of the hunt. For those not wanting to carry cash, an estimated pre-payment of trophy fees can be made through the booking agent. Any funds not used will be promptly refunded.

Cancellation Policy

No refund of the deposit will be made if the safari is canceled. Hunts may be rescheduled one time, a minimum of 90 days before the start of the hunt, or earlier, subject to the outfitter’s availability. All rescheduled safaris are subject to a $150 rescheduling fee.

EXCLUSIONS:  International Airfare / Charter Flights / Before or After Safari Hunt Meals and Accommodations / Firearms Rentals / Ammo Used / Dip and Pack / Taxidermy / Shipping of Trophies / Gratuities

Hunt # SS-Beceite Ibex

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