Hunt Canadian Lynx in British Columbia

Rifle - Bow - Crossbow 1 X 1 $6,900

2024 / 2025

Canadian Lynx Hunt in British Columbia

7-Day Canadian Lynx Hunt using a Predator Call

1 X 1 $6,900 Per Hunter - Rifle, Bow or Crossbow

2 X 1  $5,500 Per Hunter  - Rifle Bow or Crossbow

Hunt Includes:

  • 7 Full Hunting Days
  • Lynx Trophy Fee
  • Airport Pick-up and Return (Williams Lake)
  • All Vehicles and Necessary Equipment
  • Food and Beverages
  • Field Prep of Trophies

Not Included:

  • Alcohol
  • Rifle and Ammunition - (Rifle Rentals Available)
  • Taxidermy, Shipping of Trophies
  • Before and After Hunt Accommodations and Food
  • Federal GST Tax on Goods and Services
  • Gratuities

Extras: (2022 Pricing)

  • Hunting License $189.00 CAD
  • Lynx Tag  $42 CAD
  • Wolf Tag  $52.50 CAD
  • GOABC Hunter Preservation Fee $250.00 CAD


Observer Rate: $250 / Day (Extra Snowmobile and Driver)


This is your chance to hunt Canadian Lynx in British Columbia’s Caribou Mountains with one of Canada’s most experienced guides. With over 42 years of experience guiding in the area, this is the outfitter that can put you on the Mountain Lion of a lifetime!

Can you get a cheaper hunt in the States? No, as British Columbia is the only place where you can hunt Canadian Lynx.  I can only describe British Columbia as beautiful. Personally, it is the most beautiful place I have ever hunted. Tremendous amounts of bears, moose, deer, and of course Mountain Lions and Lynx. The area has lots of game, great accommodations, and food. If you have the means and the time to get here, you will not regret it. It is like hunting in a painting!

The Cariboo Mountain Region

This outfitter has the exclusive guiding rights to 3,500 square miles of prime big game country bordering Wells Gray Provincial Park. His territory is in Management Units 5-2 and 5-15 in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. The terrain varies from slow meandering rivers where the great chinook salmon spawn to lofty alpine meadows and mountains reaching more than 8,000 feet. Approximately one-third of this area is roadless wilderness, while the remainder has logging road access to his camps and hot spots for bear moose, and deer.

Map of Lynx Huntig Area in British Columbia

The outfitter has a wide variety of big game species to hunt within his territory. Silver-tipped grizzlies inhabit much of our rugged mountainous terrain but currently cannot be hunted. Black bears in various color phases are plentiful throughout the area. The average black bear here squares over 6 feet, with many going over 7 feet. Wolves are plentiful as well and can be taken on all his hunts, or as a hunt unto themselves. Canadian moose are widespread throughout this territory, with trophies taken each year in the 40" to 55" category. The mountain goats here are second to none, with record book billies taken annually. The region has become well known for its massive mature mule deer but, as in many areas, in recent years, have declined in population. Many record book cats also come out of the Cariboo and the largest cougar taken ranks # 4 in the world.


Lynx are found in abundance in this area. Contrary to mountain goat hunting, you do not need to be in mountain shape to be successful on this hunt. These hunts will primarily be based out of a lodge or cabin. You will have a comfortable bed, tasty food and see lots of bears. I hunted there in the fall for Mountain goats and saw bears every day.

Calling Lynx with a Predator Call

This is the most popular method and the outfitter will utilize a predator call to call in a lynx. You will set up in a likely area and the outfitter will use his skill with a predator call to bring a lynx close enough for you to get a shot. Success runs near 100% using this method.

Hunter with 2 Canadian LynxHunter with a giant Lynx

Hunting Lynx with Dogs

If you want to hunt your lynx with a dog pack, use this link to view that hunt:

Link to Lynx Hunt with Dogs

If you select the dog pack option, your hunt will be done using highly trained dog packs. You will ride the remote roads in the mountains looking for fresh tracks. Once a big mountain lion track is found, the dogs will be released on the track, and you will follow using snowmobiles. It helps to be in decent shape, as the mountain lions will often run to some of the most rugged terrain imaginable. Sometimes they will tree, which makes approaching the mountain lion easier, but you still may need to walk some to get into position for a shot.

Bow Hunting for Lynx

This is a hunt that can be accomplished with a bow if hunting with a dog pack. You will need to be able to walk some, but the outfitter is highly effective at getting his clients a lynx with a bow. With a crossbow, it is even easier. If you have dreamed of hunting Canadian Lynx in the mountains, this is the hunt to book!

Sizes of the local Lynx population.

This area has large Canadian Lynx, with many reaching into the Boone and Crocket record book. The outfitter runs an active trapline in the region and Lynx are regular catches due to large numbers of these cats inhabiting the area.

Lynx Hunting Seasons

This outfitter hunts Canadian Lynx in BC from December - March. The outfitter attends the SCI Convention, so those dates are not available.

The best time for this hunt is January – February after a snowfall.

Lynx permits are typically available and with the high population of Lynx in this region, success runs near 100%.

Canadian Wolf

The area has a good population of wolves. Hunting wolves is hit-and-miss. But the wolf cannot be shot if the opportunity arises to shoot one, and you don’t have a tag. This outfitter allows you to take a wolf for free on all of his hunts on an opportunity basis. But you must have a tag to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

The Canadian Lynx Hunting Lodge

Most hunts are conducted from the outfitter’s base camp. The outfitter has a home/lodge set on a scenic river with comfortable client bedrooms, clean bathrooms, and excellent food. Additionally, the outfitter has a series of lodges/cabins placed throughout the area. Some of these cabins are lakefront and offer outstanding fishing and views.

Front View of Lynx Hunting LodgeSeating Area in Lynx Hunting Lodge

Proper fitting boots suitable for hiking and climbing in the mountains when snow is on the ground are important for this hunt. Kennetrek’s insulated mountain boots are perfect fits for this hunt! Just be sure to bring a pair of warm insulated boots that are broken in to prevent foot problems. Good cold weather clothing and warm gloves are also a must for this hunt.

The Canadian Lynx Outfitter

This outfitter has been hunting, fishing, and running traplines in this region for his whole life. He has continuously outfitted in this area for 42 years and over time, has accumulated many great exclusive hunting areas from other outfitters’ retirements. His hunting areas now cover over 3,500 sq miles of game-filled wilderness habitat. He maintains over 200 miles of trail, allowing for horse access into remote areas that receive little hunting pressure.

This outfitter has some of the best hunting areas in British Columbia. This is a memorable hunt in one of Canada’s more beautiful settings. If you can make this hunt, I highly recommend it!

Getting There

Many hunters drive to the main lodge. It is about a 5 to 6-hour drive North from Vancouver.

For those of you that will fly in, Williams Lake, British Columbia is your destination. Most hunters will fly to Vancouver, and then take a flight on Pacific Coastal Airlines to Williams Lake, where you will be met by the outfitter and transported the 1-hour drive to his main lodge.


A 40% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your dates. Though non-refundable you may move your hunt and deposit to a different date in the same calendar year, subject to availability, at no additional charge; or to another year, at the new year's price, subject to availability, for a price increase of 10%. Final Payment may be made in any of the following forms: personal cheque, money order, or bank draft.

EXCLUSIONS: Airfare, Taxidermy, International Shipping of Trophies, GST Tax, Gratuities, Rifle Rental and Ammunition, Alcohol, Deboning or Processing of Meat, Gratuities

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