Hunt in Spain for Red Stag, Mouflon Sheep, and Pyrenean Chamois Hunt in Spain

Rifle 1X1 ONLY $10,950

2024 / 2025

Combo Hunt for Red Stag, Mouflon Sheep, and Pyrenean Chamois in Spain


  • 5 Hunting Days in Spain
  • Bronze Medal Pyrenean Chamois Trophy Fee
  • Bronze Medal Mouflon Sheep Trophy Fee
  • Red Stag Trophy Fee
  • R/T Road Transportation from Barcelona (Madrid possible as well)
  • Field Preparation of Trophies
  • First Day/Last Day Lodging at a 4-Star Hotel
  • Meals
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Trophy Transportation to Local Taxidermist
  • Cell and Internet Service in Camp
  • English-speaking Guide


  • Dip and Pack
  • Crating and Shipping of Trophies
  • Taxidermy 
  • Airfare to and from Spain
  • Gratuities

The observer rate is $250/day

Rifle rental is $50 / day including ammo.

Take home three incredible trophies from Spain with this combo hunt for Red Stag, Mouflon Sheep, and Pyrenean Chamois! During this hunt, you will stay at a 4-star hotel, eat great food, enjoy incredible views of the Mediterranean and Pyrenees Mountains, and have an English-speaking guide with you the whole time. 

About the Red Stag

The Red Stag is the fourth largest species of deer in the world. The red deer population currently has very robust numbers, and while it used to be rare in some parts of Europe, it was never close to extinction. A male red stag typically weighs between 350-530 pounds and can grow to about 51 inches high at the shoulder. Their winter coat is a gray/brown color and consists of a dark yellow patch on its hind area. During the summer, their coat becomes reddish-brown all over and the fur becomes less thick over the body. Their antlers are usually shed in the winter once their testosterone levels drop, and can weigh up to 11 pounds and grow at a rate of 1 inch per day. 

About the Pyrenean Chamois

The Pyrenean Chamois is a species of Capra that lives in the mountains about 80-90 miles out of Barcelona.  They are only found in small parts of Spain and France and are mountain-dwelling animals. During the summer, they tend to reside around 6,000 feet in elevation and during the winter they come down to about 3,000 feet. They are extremely agile and sure-footed and prefer sticking to rocky cliff sides and slopes to help them escape danger. They watch downhill for threats from predators, so a common strategy used by hunters is to get to an elevation that is above them, which gives the hunter an advantage. 

The Pyrenean Chamois has small horns that hook slightly backward. They grow to about 80 cm in height and have summer coats that are ruddy-brown but develop into darker brown or black coats as winter draws near. As browsing animals, they enjoy grazing on grass, nuts, and sprouts they can forage from the ground. They nearly went extinct in the 1940s due to hunting pressure. Their hides used to be in high demand which pushed hunters to make them a priority target. They have been protected since then, and as of now have a population of around 50,000 individuals and are listed as a ‘Least Concern’ species. 

About the Mouflon Sheep

Mouflon sheep are believed to be the ancestor of all modern domesticated sheep. These animals are not originally native to Spain but instead were brought there at the end of the 19th century from the Caspian region of eastern Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. The sheep immediately began thriving there and the population quickly took hold. They became known for their ability to make for an exciting hunt, as they have incredible eyesight and often flee at the first sign of danger. With this sheep, your stalking abilities will be put to the test! Mouflon coats consist of short fur and are reddish to dark brown with dark back stripes, black ventral areas, and light-colored saddle patches. Male horns can curve nearly one whole rotation, and females only sometimes sport horns. Male mouflon can grow up to five feet long and can weigh up to 120 pounds. 

Red Stag, Mouflon Sheep, and Pyrenean Chamois Sizing

While abundant, the red stags found in the mountains are usually not a high medal class. They usually have a larger body size than others but their antlers are thinner and smaller than those found in the flatlands. For this hunt, you will take the largest red stag that you can find.

You can expect your mouflon trophy at this price point to be a bronze medal scoring between CIC 185 to 194.99 points. If you choose, you can upgrade to a silver medal that will score CIC 195 to 204.99 points for $1,000 more. Gold medals are also available, and they will score CIC over 205 points and are a $2,000 upcharge over bronze.

You can expect your Pyrenean chamois trophy at this price point to be a bronze medal scoring between CIC 87 to 91.9 points. If you choose, you can upgrade to a silver medal that will score CIC 92 to 96.9 points for $1,000 more. Gold medals are also available, and they will score CIC from 97+ points and are a $2,000 upcharge over bronze.

Hunting Area and Terrain

This outfitter uses a 37,000-acre concession located about 3 hours outside of Barcelona in the Pyrenees Mountains. On this hunt, you’ll enjoy incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea and breathtaking views of the Pyrenees Mountains. The rocky mountainous terrain is challenging and it is recommended that you are in good shape to be able to hike it. If you are not in good condition, it is possible that accommodations can be made by the outfitter, as their concession is very diverse and it will still be possible to get your trophies. You can expect to hike pine-fir forests, open grassy plains, and steep rocky slopes. This outfitter has been managing this concession for five years and has exclusive hunting rights to it.

Hunting Season

This combo hunt can be taken anytime between the months of October through December, however, the outfitter recommends the best time for this triple combo hunt to be taken is in October! 

About the Outfitter

This outfitter guides clients worldwide and specializes in hunting in Spain. They are based in Spain and have years of experience in providing successful, upscale hunts. Each of their guides is fluent in English and will act as your translator while you are with them. This outfitter works to provide you with the best possible experience by making sure you have the best food, wines, and accommodations possible. They stand out from other outfitters by ensuring logistics are simple, straightforward, and reliable. Their guides are very passionate about hunting and are excited about making sure you get your trophies! This outfitter also has a 100% success rate on this hunt so you can book with the confidence that you will come back with your trophies!

Hunt Lodge and Accommodations

The hotel for this hunt is a 4-star lodge with beautiful rooms, comfy beds, and great food. It has a small pool and is located in town near many of the local restaurants and tourist sites. Your room at the hotel will be nice and large and will have a private en-suite bathroom. 

Meals are very good and usually consist of traditional Spanish cuisine. Beer, local wines, and spirits are all included at the bar. Cell and internet service is available at the hotel. 

A Typical Day Hunting Red Stag, Mouflon Sheep, and Pyrenean Chamois

Since all the trophies in this hunt live in the same area, you will be hunting for them at the same time and taking each as they come. Oftentimes, red stag are found at the lower altitudes, while the mouflon prefers the middle altitudes, and Pyrenean chamois inhabit the highest, however this all changes once the snow arrives. On your average day hunting for these animals, you can expect to wake up early for a light breakfast with your guide before driving out to the hunting concession. You should arrive just as the sun is coming up. From here, you’ll begin your spot and stalk and spend the morning driving and at times hiking through the concession glassing through binoculars for trophy animals. You and your guide will locate different herds and observe individual animals, working to judge the best opportunity for you to hunt that day. Pyrenean chamois, red stag, and mouflon are very abundant here in the mountains, and it is common to see over 100 animals per day here! 

Your stalk will come next once you and your guide have decided on an animal. Here is where you can expect to hike over some rocky and hilly terrain, and depending on the distance you are following the animal for and the specific area he is in, it can be physically challenging. 

However, hunters in poor shape are available to be accommodated by the outfitter. The mouflon sheep has incredible eyesight and can spot hunters from a distance, so this stalk will put your skills to the test! Once you reach an area you are comfortable shooting from and are within 100-300 yards, you will set up and be able to take your shot. Accurate shooting skills are a must on this hunt, as these animals can be small and make for a long-distance difficult target to hit. Because of this, the Pyrenean chamois was considered the prized trophy of Swiss marksmen since they make for such a challenging trophy to harvest! Once you pull the trigger, you’ll be cementing yourself in a generations-long honor of hunting some of the world's most renowned trophies! 

Trophy Care and Shipping

After locating your downed trophy, you will be able to take pictures and see your animal up close. After this, it will be field dressed and taken out of the concession to be skinned. The hide will be salted, and once your hunt concludes the salted skin will be transported to a local licensed Spanish taxidermist. They will take care of the dip and pack or they will mount it for you if you choose to have it done instead.

Rental Rifles

  • Tikka T3x 30.06 with Steiner 3x12x56
  • Heym Mannlicher 7RM with Vortex 5x25x50

Each of these rifles is fitted with excellent, high-quality optics. If bringing your own rifle, the outfitter recommends anything from .308 to .300 Win Mag that you are comfortable shooting from 100 - 350 yards. All 6.5 calibers are suitable as well for this hunt. All ammo should be soft bullets.

Getting There

The first leg of this trip will have you fly into Barcelona International Airport. You can also choose to be picked up from Madrid if needed. The outfitter will meet you at the airport to help with gun clearance. Once that is finished, the outfitter will bring you to the hotel and hunting concession, which is a three-hour drive from the airport. 

Deposit and Payment Policy

A 50% deposit of $5,475 is due to book this combo hunt for Pyrenean Chamois, Mouflon Sheep, and Red Stag. The remaining 50% must be paid upon arrival in Barcelona. Upgraded trophy fees and extras are all due at the end of the hunt. This outfitter accepts euro cash and wire transfers only.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable. Dates can be rescheduled only at the outfitter's discretion. Upon any rescheduling, a $150 fee is to be paid directly to the booking agent.

EXCLUSIONS: Airfare, Taxidermy, Dip and Pack, Shipping of Trophies, Insurance, Gratuities, Rifle Rental.

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