Hunt Mid-Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan

Rifle or Bow 1x1 Only $6,500!

2024 / 2025

Hunt Mid-Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan!

1 X 1 ONLY $6,500

2 X 2 ONLY $6,300

3 X 3 ONLY $6,000

5 Full Hunting Days in Kyrgyzstan

Trophy Fee Included for:

1 – Mid-Asian Ibex

Hunt Package Includes:

  • Meet and Drop-off at Bishkek Airport
  • R/T Transportation from the Bishkek Airport to the Hunting Area
  • Accommodation and Food
  • 1x1 Services of a Professional Guide
  • All Serving Staff
  • 1 Interpreter per Group/Camp
  • Trophy Care and Packing for Shipment


  • VIP Service at Airport Both Ways $240
  • International Veterinary Certificate and CITES $300
  • Hotels and meals in Bishkek

So the all-in price is $7,040!

A second ibex may be taken for an additional trophy fee of $4,500if quota is available.

10-Day Combination Marco Polo and Ibex hunt is $31,000



This hunt will take place in the Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan's Arpa Valley. This is a high-mountain hunt and you should be in good physical condition and be prepared to spend significant time on a horse.

Link to Ibex Hunt locational Map


August 15 - December 01 with the best time being Sept 15 - November 25

This is your chance to hunt for Mid-Asian Ibex in one of the best Ibex hunting areas In Kyrgyzstan, which also has good Marco Polo Argali hunting. The Mid-Asian Ibex found in Kyrgyzstan average 43"-45” with an occasional exceptional trophy reaching to 49"-50”.  This outfitter has had a very high success rate for Mid-Asian Ibex.  If you are in good shape, can ride a horse , and can shoot, you can expect to have success on this hunt

Trophy Mid-Asian Ibex in KyrgyzstanBig Trophy Kyrgyzstan Ibex Trophy

Mid-Asian Ibex Hunting Methods

This hunt is done on horseback, traveling several hours a day along with significant walking.The sure-footed mountain horses allow you to access and explore the upper edges of the mountains. Once there you will glass the hillsides and feeding areas looking for a suitable trophy Ibex. Once a trophy is spotted, a temporary tented fly camp is set up with the specific goal of hunting that animal or area. These rams are usually located at about 9,000 feet or higher. You will make your final stalk on foot, so conditioning is important for this hunt. Long-range shooting of up to 500 yards is normal. The average shot will be about 300 meters.

Warm clothing is essential for this hunt!

The panoramic scenery of being in this remote area is part of the magic that surrounds this hunt. Having your trophy photo taken of you and your ibex with these majestic mountains in the background creates a memory that will never be forgotten!


Normally the weather is quite favorable and predictable in this region during the Ibex hunting season. In October during the daylight hours, the temperature ranges from 45°F to 57°F and at night from 14° - 23°F. In November the temperature ranges from 5°F to 14°F in the daytime and from -4°F to +5°F at night. You should expect chilly and windy early morning and evening conditions.

Mid-Asian Ibex Hunting Accommodations

The hunting base camp is located at 8,500 feet. This outfitter uses traditional Asian Yurts or wooden cabins with beds. They are clean, warm, and comfortable with separate areas for dining, bathing, and sleeping. Electrical generators provide power to the camp.

The food will be good in the base camp. Fly camps are used extensively during this hunt and the food will be heated meals that can be prepared quickly. Nutrition will be adequate but do not expect gourmet dining in the fly camps.

IBase Camp ExteriorDining area for KyrgyzstanIbex  Hunt

Fall Hunt Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrive in Bishkek and overnight at the hotel

Day 2 - Drive to base camp ( 7 hours from Bishkek by car)

Day 3 - Test rifle and acclimatization

Day 4-8 - Hunt

Day 9 - Drive back to Bishkek - Overnight Hotel

Day 10 - Tour Bishkek - ( Cites and Veterinary certificate prep)

Day 11- Fly back to the USA with the trophies


The most reliable way to get to Bishkek is by Turkish Airlines from Istanbul, Turkey. You will be met by the outfitter’s representative at the Bishkek airport and assisted through customs. Everything possible will be done to assist you to have a trouble-free arrival. It is recommended that you utilize the VIP service at the airport to facilitate your clearance (approximately $150 each way). Your Visa will be issued at the airport upon arrival if you are a US citizen. Citizens of some countries may require advance Visa application.

Alternative ways to get to Bishkek are through Frankfurt or Moscow, but traveling with firearms is easier through Istanbul.

On your return, you will drive to Bishkek and overnight in a hotel for 2 nights while your export paperwork is being prepared. The outfitter or his brother will tour you in Bishkek and accompany you while you eat at a couple of the area's better local restaurants.


The outfitter will recommend a hotel for before and after the hunt ($70-$150)


A 50% deposit is required to reserve your hunt date. Final payment is due 60 days before the hunt starting date or the balance must be brought with you and paid in US cash before the start of the hunt.


Ibex hunts can be rescheduled for a subsequent year due to serious health issues. 

All rescheduled hunts will incur a $200 administrative fee payable directly to the agent.

EXCLUSIONS: Visa (if needed, depending on your citizenship), Airline tickets to and from Bishkek, Hotels, and Meals before and after the hunt, Excess luggage Fees, Sightseeing, Additional Hunting Days, Non-hunter Fee, Additional Trophies, Taxidermy, Shipping of Trophies, Alcohol, Personal Items, Gratuities to the Professional Hunter and Staff, Veterinary Certificate and CITES Export Permit (Ibex - $300, Marco Polo - $500), Airport VIP ($150 each Way)

Hunt # - KY-AMP-Mid-Asian Ibex

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