Hunt Roe Deer in Croatia

Rifle Only 1 x 1 Only 3,000 Euros

3000.00 EUR = 3000.00 USD

Prices and Currency values are subject to change. Please verify pricing with us at the time of booking.

2024 / 2025


Trophy Fees Included for 3 Roebucks up to Medal Class!


Shoot Wild Boar to 50kg for FREE!

FREE Red Fox and Golden Jackal if encountered!

Also included are:

  • 3 Full Hunting Days

  • Lodging in a luxury hotel

  • All meals (3 per Day)

  • All Transfers

  • Hunting License

  • Translator

  • Local Guides

Add an observer for 1,000€

Rifle Rental: 20€ + 2€ / Bullet


Opens – April 16

Closes September 30

The roe deer rut is from July 20 to August 10. Normally, the rut would be the best time to hunt roe deer, but in this area around May 1 is the best time due to less hunting pressure (the season just opened) and there is less grass and vegetation at that time of the year so the deer must forage more often.


This hunt will take place on a large private hunting reserve. The nearest town where the hunt will take place is Krajina. The terrain is hilly and consists of a mixture of wooded areas and open pastures.

Link to Roe Drrer hunt in Croatia


Roe deer in Croatia are typically hunted from high stands but you also may do some stalking. There are multiple (dozens) of comfortable high stands on this property to hunt from. It is normal to change stands during the day.

High Stand in Croatia 2High Seat in CroatiaJackal in Croatia

If you are stalking, you will not walk more than 1-2 miles per stalk.

It is normal to hunt early in the morning and then late in the day during the periods when the roe deer are most active.

Normal shooting distances are 50-150 meters.

Roe Deer not harvested will be refunded at 200€ / roe deer. Wounded animals will not be refunded and are considered as having been harvested if they can not be found.


Roe deer horns typically grow in relation to the following age/point schedule:

1 Year Old – 1 Point per side (Spike)

2 Years Old – 2 Points per side

3 Years Old – 3 Points per side

Trophy roe deer in CroatiaBig Roe Deer Trophy in Croatia

Roe deer rarely get above 3 points. A typical 6-year-old roe deer will have the same number of points as a 3-year-old roe deer. Older roe deer may have a small amount of additional length (½”) but the biggest difference will be in the mass. Trophy roe deer are determined by weight in Europe, with the heavier antlers being priced higher.


Wild boars to 50 kg may be harvested for free if encountered. For larger boars, the following price structure applies:

50-100 kg   200€

100+ kg      500€


Most hunters have their roe deer euro mounted. The outfitter will handle the trophy care in the field. If you want to do a shoulder mount of one of your roe deer, they will skin it in the field, boil the skull, and then it will be transported to their taxidermist for mounting.

Euro Mounts

If doing a euro-mount, the skulls will be boiled by one of the workers, soaked in peroxide, and dried. You will be able to fly home with your horns and skulls, but you must declare them upon arrival in your home country.


While hunting roe deer in Croatia you will stay at a luxury 4-Star hotel. The hotel has a gourmet restaurant, and includes the following amenities:

  • Turkish Sauna

  • Finnish Sauna

  • Indoor Pool

  • Whirlpool

  • Massages

Additionally, various activities are available including:

  • Mountain Climbing

  • Scenic Hiking

  • Quad Safaris

  • Paragliding

You will eat the local cuisine on this hunt and the guide has a friend who operates a nearby winery, so you will likely eat at his winery one day and sample his wines.

Roe Deer Hotel in CroatiaRoe Deer Hotel Exterior


Castle Traskoscan is just across the road from the hotel. Built in the 13th -16th centuries, it is now a museum and makes for a nice trip between hunting sessions.

This is the perfect hunt to take your spouse on, as there are enough activities at or near the hotel to keep her busy while you are out hunting!


Firearms are easily taken to Croatia. You will need to send a copy of your passport, a copy of a recent hunting license, and your address to the outfitter at least 30 days in advance. He will obtain your license and meet you at the airport to assist.

Rental Rifles

The outfitter has the following rifles available to rent at 20€ per day:

  • .243 with a Swarovski Scope

  • 7x64 with a Zeiss Scope


You will fly to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, where you will be met by your hunting/tour guide. Depending on the time of your flight’s arrival, you may go for lunch at an excellent restaurant and take a walking tour of the center of Zagreb. Then you will drive approximately 1-2 hours to the hunting grounds and check into your hotel. Upon arrival, you will sight in your rifle, so you are ready to start hunting the following day.

I came upon this outfitter through one of my good clients who has hunted with him several times before. He comes highly recommended and this will be a hunting trip for roe deer in Croatia that you will truly enjoy!

So, what are you waiting for?  Call me today at 727-434-0840 to book your roe deer hunt in amazing Croatia!

DEPOSIT POLICY: Deposits are non-refundable. The deposit required to reserve dates is 1,000€ per hunter and 500€ per non-hunter. The balance of the package is due no later than the day of arrival. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: Deposits are non-refundable. Hunts may be rescheduled one time if more than 60 days before the hunt.  An administrative fee of $150 will be due before confirming the new dates. Any reschedule requests should be made through the booking agent. Any rescheduled hunts that extend to a subsequent year will be subject to the subsequent year’s pricing.

EXCLUSIONS: Beverages / Taxidermy / Tips / Shipping of Trophies / Massages / Field Trips / Castle Visit / Airfare

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