Marco Polo Sheep Hunts

Hunt Marco Polo Argali in Kyrgyzstan

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2024 / 2025
Experience one of the world's great high mountain hunts in Kyrgyzstan's Arpa region. This hunt will utilize mountain horses to get you close to the sheep and ibex. Set out from a nice base camp and hunt from a spike camp in the breathtaking mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Mid-Asian ibex can also be combined with this hunt.

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Hunting Marco Polo Sheep

Pamir is the most popular area in Asia to hunt Marco Polo sheep. Pamir is a mountainous region in Central Asia, located in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. It is home to many different species, including Marco Polo sheep, ibex, and argali (a wild goat).

Kyrgyzstan is the number one destination for hunting Marco Polo sheep, as it has the best pricing.. Kyrgyzstan is one of the most picturesque places in Central Asia; more than two-thirds of its land is high mountains. Sharp peaks of the Pamirs and the Tien Shan mountains, covered with snow, flowers on green meadows, wild rivers, waterfalls, blue water lakes, and picturesque valleys – are the multifaceted nature of Kyrgyzstan.

Visiting Kyrgyzstan, follow the routes of the Great Silk Road, and see the world of wild nature and unexplored lands. Kyrgyzstan, however, is considering a 10-year moratorium on hunting all ungulates, including Marco Polo sheep, so if you want to hunt this country, check with your outfitter ASAP.

Tajikistan is the second-most popular place in Asia to hunt Marco Polo sheep (after Kyrgyzstan). If you are looking for a big Marco Polo sheep, Tajikistan is the place to find it, although prices are significantly higher there. This country has several hunting areas that attract Marco Polo sheep, but Imereti is one of the most popular destinations. It also offers summer and fall hunts, so it works well as a year-round destination. 

If you want to hunt Marco Polo sheep in Afghanistan, it is illegal for foreign hunters to bring their trophies out of the country with them. Therefore, you will need to find a local guide and have him assist you in getting your trophy shipped back home.

The region of China where Marco Polo sheep live has been closed to foreign hunters since 1998. Unfortunately, this is the case for Marco Polo sheep as well as for most animals that do not live in an area where sport hunting is legal. As a hunter, the only way to get around this if you want to hunt Marco Polo sheep in China is by using a private outfitter or guide company that specializes in helping clients find game like Marco Polo sheep and other animals similar to them (sheep, goats, and antelope).

Marco Polo sheep are most active during the summer and autumn months. These periods of heightened activity correspond with their breeding season, which runs from late June to early August. Marco Polo sheep are also more active at dawn and dusk than they are during the middle of the day when temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

Marco Polo sheep tend to live in mountainous regions with rocky outcrops that provide shelter during inclement weather and conceal them from predators such as wolves. They migrate between summer grazing grounds, where there is plenty of grass to eat, and winter areas, with more vegetation available for cover.

You can visit several countries to successfully hunt Marco Polo sheep, but there are some things to keep in mind when planning your trip.

  • Marco Polo sheep hunting is one of Asia's most exciting and challenging hunts. They're relatively easy to spot but aren't easy targets to hit. If you think this sounds like something you'd like to try, the two countries that offer most of the Marco Polo sheep hunts are Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
  • Sheep hunting typically takes place between June and November and is a great way to hunt with friends in an exotic locale. It's also one of the most exciting and challenging hunts in Asia. Marco Polo sheep are big and fast and tough to hunt. They live at high altitudes in rugged terrain and are hard to spot. You'll need a good guide with local knowledge of the area to succeed on your Marco Polo sheep hunt. 

Marco Polo Sheep Hunting in Tajikistan

  • Elevations vary. Base camps are 10,000-12,000 feet. Hunting can be up to 13,500 feet or more. Most people do not get altitude sickness, but a medication called Diamox can be taken to reduce the symptoms. Being in good physical condition is necessary. You must take it easy the first day or two to rest up and adapt to sleeping and hiking at these higher elevations and conditions. Common effects of altitude sickness include shortness of breath, elevated pulse and blood pressure, headaches, and a tired feeling. After a few days, most people adjust to the altitude and see noticeable performance improvements.
  • Most of the Tajikistan rams hunted ranged between 52” and 58”. Rams of over 53” are rare, but some areas will produce them. Rams over 60” have been taken but are exceptional and should not be expected on any hunt. Some areas have bigger rams than others, and some areas have more animals than others. Vehicles are used on many hunts, but only hiking will get you to the larger animals because of the terrain.
  • Most drives to the hunting areas take 18-25 hours from Dushanbe using 4×4 vehicles.

Marco Polo Sheep Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

  •  Most of the Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo Rams hunted range between 44”-52”. Rams over 53” are rare, but some areas have them. Rams over 55” have been hunted but are exceptional and should not be expected on any hunt. Some areas have bigger rams than others, and some areas have more animals than others. Kyrgyzstan hunts are typically more enjoyable than Tajikistan hunts (horses, lower elevation, and shorter drives), but Tajikistan has bigger rams. Kyrgyzstan also produces more and bigger ibex on average.
  • For hunters that seek really big rams, larger than the low mid- 50-inch range, they should consider hunting in Tajikistan as the rams there are of the true Marco Polo type.
  • The fall hunting season starts August 15th and lasts thru November 30th. Winter hunting season starts in early January and lasts thru the end of February. Most hunts take place in late October, November, and January due to the rut and higher sheep concentrations.

Marco Polo Sheep Hunting in Uzbekistan (Currently Closed)

  • Within Nuratau Strictly Protected Area (SPA) of the Nuratau Mountains, about 1,200-1,300 argali survive. Outside the protected area, the Nuratau Mountains support about 250-300 argali, of which ~150-200 occur in western Nuratau and 100 individuals in eastern Nuratau and the Koitash Range. Fewer than 100 argali remain in the Tamdytau and Aktau Ranges. A few individuals may persist in the Malguzar Range near the Zaamin SPA. Therefore, less than 1,800 Severtzov’s argali live in Uzbekistan, of which 90 percent occur in the Nuratau Range.

Currently, Marco Polo sheep can only  be legally hunted in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.